Monday, December 25, 2006

Just a footnote about Kiro 7 and the spastic anchor dude and women they have. This will be weekend 3 without Wayne Havrelly and his stretched larynx. What an ass he is. Plus extra cheesy Monty Webb was noticeably absent Saturday night, and in his place??? The very lovely Erin Mayovsky. I could watch her, watch paint dry, she is that smokin'! She apparently used to be a model and then on Saturday afternoon, I saw her doing the weather on Kiro 7. What a great xmas gift. Erin used to due the traffic on Kiro and then she disappeared and ended up on UPN, now CW. Unfortunately on Komo 4, which I call Coreg 4, due to them running ads for Coreg heart medicine between 519pm and 524pm, EVERY night, that same anchor chick, who is on the weekends, is still there. She stammers and stutters between each word and it makes me crazy. "Can you not make one complete sentence with out pausing for effect?". Grrr.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

KOMO 4 doesn't work for me-at all

Nice to see the spazzy new graphics and the voice-over guy who sounds like his larynx will explode. The way I look at it, changing your graphics and adding more color for the visually stunted is sort of like adding 20" rims on a Honda Element or Toyota Scion, they are still very ugly vehicles. Oh and nice touch with your monotonous 6-7pm programming, I like how your program director has copied King 5 with the last 2 minutes of your broadcast. You break away for a commercial, and then when you come back, you say"thanks for watching, see you at 11pm". Nuh-uh. I'd just as soon watch re-runs of That 70's Show then the 6pm to 7pm crapcast of dogs and cats being thrown out car windows and how replacing the Viaduct is going to be even more expensive than originally thought. I have to say though, watching the hottie from the espresso stand meeting the parent of the crack addict cum robber, was pretty good eye candy. Yeah I'm a pig.

Friday, September 01, 2006

CBS and Katie Couric

So what Katie is proposing to do is explain the news so all of us can understand it. What? The U.S overall, is not that dumb. I'm not sure what demographics she's trying to dumb things down for, but I have no problem understanding the news. I sure as hell don't need to be patronized by some smarmy anchorwoman who, if she could, force colonoscopies on all of America. "Thanks for watching CBS, by the way, here's your complimentary steel eel"!. "This here is a big, bunch of really mean clouds, they are bad, they do bad things. Water comes and stays. That's bad". Nuh-uh. Now that Bob Schieffer is gone, I have nointerest in CBS unless it's the weekends when the subs are in. By the way, Mary Nam is looking extra fine tonight on Komo.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Seattle area news anchors

Wednesday the 29 of 2006
I'm not sure what is going on with Seattle and the news anchors. For many, many years, things were predictable, we all had anchors we liked, and channels we preferred. Now, within the last 4 years or so, it's as if the stations tell the anchors to t-a-l-k r-e-a-l s-l-o-w to the audience. Granted, there are some slow people who don't catch on really quick. But why are they dumbing things down for us? Komo 4 for example. Kevin Reese does not speak in flowing terms, what I mean to write is that he purposely staggers the words in his broadcasts. Is he trying to add some kind of intense, prosaic journalism? Yanking at the heart strings of the viewers? John Shariffey(sp) is guilty of the same effect. John could make the act of losing a balloon, a tear jerking, tooth pulling, gut wrenching story. Sometimes that's good, other times it seems like he's crying wolf. The latest anchor on Komo, Denise What's her name, has apparently graduated from the Kevin Reese school of journalism. The other anoying thing I see with Komo is that they have way too much news programming going on. This is Seattle, not L.a or New York. How many times will they repeat accidents that happen on a Friday, and it's already Monday? I rarely watch King 5 mostly because it's so pretentious and Jean Enersen makes me ill. That and at the supposed end of their broadcasts, they'll break away for a commercial, then they come back and say"see you at 630pm" or "see you @ 11pm". Why don't you skip the commercial and just say "buh bye"? Man that makes me crazy. Kiro, oh god Kiro. The station of cheese. Are these people former used car salespeople? Monty Webb, how much acid are you dropping? If you get any more smarmy with my television and I, a full body condom will be in order-for me. Julie Francavilla, are you taking ecstacy in the a.m? Poor Gulstan Dart, this guy has his act together and you swoon over him like a freshman girl on a crush. How much closer are you going to get into his personal space? I swear the next time you lean over, you are going to fall. Margo Myers I could care less for, she used to be on Komo, she left or was fired for having hair that looked like a mushroom. Now she's here. Or there. You can't tell me Susan Hutchinson was less attractive than her. Where, or better yet, what rock did Wayne Havrelly(sp) come from? If you watch the news on the weekends, and choose Kiro, you'll see his mug and snap-on hair. Wayne over enunciates his vowels and consonants. I mean he really over enunciates his pronounciations of every other words. "A Ford PINTOoo caught ffIIIrree yesterday on eeeYYYYYeeeee five today". Q13, well what can I say? A co-worker of mine had confessed that he thinks MJ McDermott is hot. I think Q13 is a lot of flash and little substance. The morning team Wixey and Carmen are nauseating to me. To be honest, the late night news makes watching South Park so much better. Moving on to the better side of the news, I want to mention some of the hotties that show their mug and why I think they are so tasty. Mary Nam, what a smile, her personality is truly a breath of fresh air. It's not because she's part vietnamese, or rather, all vietnamese and was born here. It's just that she is always smiling, and seems so honest and human. Not stuffy. Rachel Murcia, wow, full lips, long blonde hair and those eyes.
Uh so where was I? Oh yeah, the eye candy on the local tv news. Komo's Michelle Knopf, although I'm not quite sure where she has gone to. Michelle has that perky, upbeat personality, among other things. I saw a reporter named Dina , on Komo but it's been awhile since her mug has appeared. King has the ever so tasty Elisa Hahn, and what a heart break to hear about her mom being killed by a hit and run driver. What a punk coward that person must be. Lisa Gangle is a mighty hot sports chick. Kiro's Amy Clancy is quite the cutie too, sadly that's all they have. Q13 really doesn't have any hotties that make me all googley eyed.